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Darkfall Unholy Wars was set again in the fantasy world of Agon, countless centuries after the events that took place in the original Darkfall Online. Darkfall Unholy Wars was a unique MMORPG game with fast-paced combat, integral crafting and constant character progression. Clan warfare was highly encouraged, allowing for clans to battle for dominance across Agon, the fantasy world in which the game took place.

Game launch overview

The initial launch date for Darkfall Unholy Wars was set for November 20, 2012, but was postponed. It was submitted on Steam Greenlight on November 28, 2012 and two days later the game was greenlit by the community.

Due to several internal and external factors and instead of commercial release, Aventurine SA decided to offer beta access to all customers who pre-ordered the game, which was eventually released on April 16, 2013. Game service was discontinued at the end of May, 2016.

Game-play overview

Considered one of the most advanced systems in contemporary MMORPGs, Darkfall Unholy Wars was mostly based on first-person shooter and action games. Character progression was based on prowess that could be gained from any game interaction.

Having friends to back you up; having a city to rest and regroup; knowing the right people to craft you the best gear; knowing the area around all takes a kind of skill not usually seen in MMORPGs. Guilds fought for the best cities, groups fought for the best hunting grounds and everyone loved the master crafter.

Reviews overview

Reviewers stated that Aventurine SA had successfully added polish to their game from the first Darkfall. The graphics dealt very well with huge sieges involving upwards of two-hundred players. Aventurine SA’s Darkwall Unholy Wars showed what a hardcore MMORPG really is and what it has the potential to be.

Darkfall Unholy Wars Game
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