They're searching for the finest, self-motivated, creative, and talented people with a passion for games and for their work. This is an extremely competitive industry and skills alone are unfortunately not enough.

You'll be applying to one of the few companies in the world that successfully shipped a MMORPG using proprietary technology developed by a very small group of incredibly talented and dedicated developers. The challenge is immense when everyone is a core member - but so are the rewards.

If you're interested in working with thme, know that they expect a complete and thorough application to their company. Please remember this when putting together your application material for any position at Aventurine.

General Application Guidelines:

- All application materials should be in English
- Provide them with a detailed cover letter introducing yourself
- Show them that you know about their company and projects and explain why you think you would be a good fit for Aventurine
- Include your CV with clear mention of your position preference
- Include samples of your work, preferably links to samples of your work
- Please do not email them about whether or not they're hiring, they're always hiring the right individual
- Always assume that you'll have stiff competition for the position you're applying for
- They do not accept unsolicited MAILED submissions and will not be held responsible for any materials lost.

Equal Opportunities

Aventurine is an equal opportunity employer offering competitive salaries, social security and medical benefits.


Aventurine is located in Athens, Greece. Most members of their team are working on-site but they also have a few employees working for them remotely. Unless you live here already, chances are you will be required to relocate to sunny Greece. they will consider remote workers for some of their positions.


You are required to be fluent in English (oral, written), which is the official language used at Aventurine.
• Art
• Programming
• Information Systems
• Network Operations
• Design
• Quality Assurance
• Administration
• Audio
• Business
• Customer Support
• Distribution
• Localization
• Producer
• Interns
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